Apparently, China was not the initiator and is not a participant in the so-called "crisis in Ukraine", but it will not sit back and watch.

This was stated by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi during the Munich Security Conference.

According to him, China was not the initiator and is not a participant in the "crisis in Ukraine". However, he does not plan to sit back and watch, but will contribute to a political settlement.

"China was not the initiator of the Ukrainian crisis and does not participate in it. However, this does not mean that we will sit back and watch her from afar. China will continue to promote peaceful negotiations and the search for a political solution," said Wang Yi.

He also added that China's position is based on four principles: respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries, fully comply with the goals and principles of the UN Charter, take into account countries' legitimate security concerns, and support constructive efforts to establish peace.

"Acting in accordance with these basic principles, China is working tirelessly to promote peace and peaceful negotiations. Now there are no proper conditions for the parties to return to the negotiating table, but as long as there is hope, we will not give up our efforts," the minister emphasized.

Separately, he added that China and Russia have "normal relations, like those of major countries." And he assured that they are not aimed at creating an alliance and are not directed against any third party.

"We oppose any attempts to blame China or shift the responsibility for settling the situation in Ukraine to China, because China has done a lot of constructive work and we will continue to play a positive role in this settlement in our own way," Wang Yi said.

It will be recalled that the Chinese actor demanded that Russia "return Vladivostok to them."