"We hope for a fair trial, but whatever the court decides, the wounds and pain of the experience will not return. Where are George's parents? Why didn't they come? I want them to look me in the eyes" - Deborah's mother, Ivelina, commented before the start of the injunction hearing in the Plovdiv District Court.

She also asked why all the magistrates in Stara Zagora recused themselves, so that the trial had to be transferred to Plovdiv. The woman expressed doubts about their impartiality, "Telegraph" specifies.

The case in Plovdiv, however, started with a false start, and the chairman of the panel, Desislava Poryazova, made a scandalous decision to keep it secret.

The judge argued that intimate facts about both the defendant Georgi Georgiev and his victim Deborah will be presented at the hearing, and expelled the journalists from the courtroom.

The trial was transferred from Stara Zagora to Plovdiv by the Supreme Court of Cassation precisely because of doubts about objectivity in the City of Linden and because of more publicity, which was expected to happen under the hills. Before the start of the case, Deborah announced that she hoped for a fair trial. She came with two lawyers and asked to be constituted as a private prosecutor and a civil plaintiff.

Deborah and Georgi entered the Plovdiv court, she did not look at him

However, her claim of BGN 200,000 was categorically rejected by judge Poriazova. She reasoned that in this way the entire court proceedings would be delayed.

Deborah's defense attorneys wanted the amount for the physical and mental trauma caused to her. The girl was slashed all over with a dummy knife and received 400 stitches in an operation whose scars are still visible.

On the part of the prosecution, it turned out that they had not sent a prosecutor from Plovdiv at all, and only two female prosecutors from Stara Zagora appeared in the case. This further made the parents of the girl cut with a dummy knife suspicious that there was something not quite objective about the whole process. Georgi Georgiev's lawyers tried to get him out of custody and demanded that his measure be changed from "detention in custody" to a lighter one. That still didn't happen, but the process itself failed.

Judge Poriazova still refused to change the measure of remand of the accused and left him in custody. After a 4-hour session, the Plovdiv District Court returned the case due to significant procedural violations committed by the prosecution in the pre-trial proceedings. They are related to the circumstantial part of the indictment and the threats to kill alleged by the prosecution.

With this, in practice, the Plovdiv magistrates fully accepted the thesis of the defense of Georgi Georgiev, who also insisted that their client was accused regardless of all the evidence in the case. Deborah declined to comment after Themis' decision to drop the case, and her defense surprisingly announced it would not appeal.

So now everything has started all over again, and the prosecutor's office has yet to submit a new indictment, after removing all the mistakes made in the current one.

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