Brave airmen practicing maneuvers in the field firing range of the Air Force in Chandhan.

Fighter Aircraft Roared In Maneuvers:

On Wednesday, the Indian Air Force conducted a full dress rehearsal of air power maneuvers at the Field Firing Range of the Air Force in Chandhan, Jaisalmer on the India-Pakistan International Border on the western edge of the country. 121 aircraft were involved in 'Vayu Shakti Yudh Abhyas' during day and night, during which the airmen showed their mettle.

Fighter aircraft like Tejas, Rafale, Sukhoi-30 MKI and Prachanda are included in the exercise. Along with fighter jets, the country's warriors practiced using Dhruv helicopters to target enemy aircraft and destroy their bases and practice dogfight of the aircraft.

According to the report, the main event will be the air power exercise to be held on 17th February. Before this, its final full dress rehearsal was conducted on Wednesday. The echo of the explosions of bombs, shells and missiles in the firing range sent shivers down the spines of those with nefarious intentions sitting in the neighboring countries.

This time a total of 121 aircraft including 77 fighter jets, 41 helicopters, 5 transport aircraft and about 15 thousand airmen are taking part in this exercise which is held every three years.

War planes performing acrobatics during maneuvers

121 aircraft were deployed at different airbases for the last 15 days and were practicing in the maneuvers being conducted in the field firing range of the Air Force. On Wednesday, for the final exercise at Chandhan Field Firing Range, fighter planes took off from a total of 8 to 9 airbases including Jodhpur and Sukhoi, Rafale, Tejas, Prachanda and Dhruv helicopters were deployed at these bases.

Mainly Tejas, Prachanda and Dhruv helicopters are deployed as indigenous fighter aircraft in the exercise. At the same time, fighter jets – Rafale, Mirage-2000, Sukhoi-30 MKI, Jaguar, Hawk, C-130J, Chinook, Apache, MI-17 are also included. Along with Garuda, various aircraft of the fleet are also taking part in it.

Air Force aircraft performing field firing range maneuvers

Indigenous Tejas :-

Tejas flying at a speed of 500 km per hour can be refueled even at an altitude of 20000 feet. 6 types of missiles can be deployed in it. Laser guided bombs, guided bombs and cluster weapons can be deployed. It is capable of carrying air to air missiles.

The structure of Tejas is made of carbon fiber, titanium and aluminium, due to which despite being light in weight, this aircraft is more strong. This aircraft can also protect itself, for which it is equipped with a self-protection jammer, which is completely automatic. It protects the aircraft from attacks from the sky or the ground. Air to air refueling makes Tejas most special.

It is said that the indigenous fighter aircraft 'Tejas' has no flaws. The speed of this aircraft is 2205 kilometers per hour. It can fly up to a height of 50 thousand feet. Once it takes off, it can fly up to 3 thousand kilometers. 

Apache helicopter:

The design of Apache helicopter makes it the most special, because its design is such that it is difficult to catch it on radar. To fly it, it is necessary to have two pilots. There are two engines to drive the helicopter's large wing. Because of this its speed is 280 kilometers per hour.

Apache helicopter can fly for three and a quarter hours at a time. Famous for its special design, 1200 bullets can be loaded at a time in the rifle installed under this helicopter.


The Jaguar fighter aircraft can fly stably at low altitude and carry weapons due to its high-wing loading design. It is manufactured by BEA in France, Britain and HAL in India. Some of its features make it different from the rest. Two 30 mm ADEN or DEFA shells can be used as weapons.

Jaguar is a seater aircraft. Its speed also makes its name meaningful. It flies at a speed of 1700 km per hour. Many weapons including air-to-air and air-to-ground attack rockets can be loaded.

Chinook helicopter:

Chinook helicopter also eats double engine flying machines. According to experts, this aircraft is one of the most modern heavy lift helicopters in the world. Its capacity is to lift a weight of 10 thousand kg. At the same time, it has the ability to work in any area, in any weather, day or night. They are used to carry army, artillery, ammunition, equipment and fuel.

The biggest feature of Chinook helicopter is its usefulness in every condition. It is very important in special operations like medical rescue, disaster relief, search and rescue operations, aircraft recovery, fire fighting. It is capable of transporting armed soldiers from one place to another.

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Fighter Aircraft Roared In Maneuvers Maneuvers Tejas Rafale And Sukhoi-30