"A commander of a special operations unit of the pro-Iranian Hezbollah militia operating in Lebanon was killed in an Israeli strike yesterday," reported the Jewish State's Newzru media.

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The war between Israel and Hamas 1554

"In a strike carried out by the Armed Forces of the State of Israel (IDF) in the village of Nabati, one of the commanders of the "Radwan" division, Mohammed ad Dabs, was killed," the publication added.

"Along with the commander, his deputy Hasan Ibrahim Isa and another terrorist were killed," Newzru also pointed out.

"Ad Dabs was the mastermind of the terrorist attack at the Megiddo crossing (Northern Israel) on March 13 last year, in which 16 people died. He was also the organizer of a number of attacks since the beginning of the war between Israel and Hamas," added the media.

Hezbollah: Israel will pay for strikes in Lebanon

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The war between Israel and Hamas