Sources told the agency that the total US budget for defense and national security may reach $895 billion, which will lead to reductions in a number of programs, delays in implementing current programs and a “slowdown in efforts” to create weapons stockpiles depleted due to conflicts in Ukraine or Israel. The sources added. He told Reuters that the budget negotiations between US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and the Office of Management and Budget in the White House have mostly ended, but the final amount may change before the budget request is announced on March 11. It is noteworthy that the reduction in orders for F-15 aircraft 35" may affect the work of the fighter manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, which receives about a quarter of its revenues from the jet program. The US Department of Defense (the Pentagon) announced earlier that the US State Department had approved the possible sale of "Lockheed Martin" fighter aircraft. F-16 and related equipment to Turkey for $23 billion. The Pentagon said in a statement: “The State Department decided to approve a potential foreign military deal with the Republic of Turkey for F-16 aircraft and related equipment at an estimated cost of $23 billion.” On the other hand, the Pentagon announced that the US State Department had approved the possible sale of F-35 aircraft to Greece for about $8.6 billion. Earlier, the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the US Senate, Ben Cardin, announced the approval of the sale of aircraft. An F-16 fighter jet from the United States to Turkey, after Ankara approved Sweden’s membership in NATO. A Dutch court orders a halt to the supply of F-35 spare parts to Israel.