Russian sources deliberately exaggerate the losses of Ukrainian troops during the attack by the occupiers near Selidovoy in Donetsk region on February 13.

This is stated in a report by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Other Russian sources claimed that the strike near Selidovoy caused far fewer casualties. These sources also published footage of what appeared to be an attack by the occupiers on the village of Tsukuryne (south of Selidovoy), which does not correspond to such a large number of losses of the Armed Forces as claimed by other Russian sources.

The Institute recalled that on February 13, the Ukrainian military reported that Russian sources began purposefully spreading disinformation about Ukraine's losses after the strike near Selidovoy. It was reported that the invaders that day struck Tsukurin with an anti-aircraft missile.

The Kremlin agency TASS supplemented the statement of the allegedly unofficial Telegram channel of the Ukrainian brigade, which confirms the loss of personnel during the strike. This Telegram channel later denied its initial statement. On the official Facebook page of the Ukrainian brigade at the time of the report, there was no information about a possible strike.

Analysts drew attention to the fact that in December 2023, the Ukrainian Center for Combating Disinformation warned that the Russians planned to promote information operations aimed at lowering the morale of Ukrainians. This operation was planned to be carried out through a network of fake Telegram channels disguised as official accounts of Ukrainian regional officials and military units.

We will remind, on February 13, the commander of the "Tavria" OSUV, Oleksandr Tarnavskyi, denied the fake of Russian Telegram channels and the media about the strike on the firing range near Selidov, as a result of which many mobilized soldiers apparently died.

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