The head of the Intelligence Committee in the House of Representatives of the US Congress, Mike Turner, said today that he has information about a serious threat to national security and called on the government to declassify the information so that the US and its allies can openly discuss how to respond, reports BTA . 

Turner, who is a Republican congressman from Ohio, did not elaborate on the threat in his statement, including whether it was new.

Earlier today, Turner sent an email to members of Congress saying his committee had urgently received classified information about "destabilizing foreign military potential" and inviting them to come to the classified information sharing room, a restricted area in Congress to review the intelligence. He also did not reveal details then.

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Turner's statement appeared to catch US President Joe Biden's government off guard.

The president's national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, said at a White House press conference that he was scheduled to brief Turner and other senior members of the congressional intelligence committees, known as the "Gang of Eight," by tomorrow. it includes the leaders of the Republican and Democratic caucuses in the Senate and the House, as well as the chairmen and senior members of the respective intelligence committees - note ed.). Sullivan did not disclose the topic of the meeting or provide other details related to Turner's statement.

"I'm focused on meeting tomorrow with him (Turner - ed.) and the other members of the House of Representatives from the Gang of Eight," Sullivan said, adding, "I'm not in a position to say anything more from this podium right now." .

House Speaker Mike Johnson told reporters at the Capitol that there was no cause for alarm, Reuters reported. "We have the situation under control. We are working on it and there is no cause for alarm," Johnson noted.

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