Putin explained during an interview published on the Kremlin channel in “Telegram”: “We did not start the war, but we are only trying to stop it. And in the first stage, we tried to do this through peaceful means, with the help of the Minsk agreements. As it turned out later, because both the former German Chancellor And the former French president directly admitted and publicly stated that they would not fulfill these agreements of ours, but they were simply buying time in order to pump the Ukrainian regime with more weapons, which they did successfully.” Putin noted that Russia had to actually begin the military operation in Ukraine earlier. Putin noted, “I did not say that the beginning of the special military operation in Ukraine was linked to the threat of a NATO attack on Russia. My words were distorted.” The founder and leader of the French “Patriots” party, Florian Philippou, stated earlier, That the interview of Russian President, Vladimir Putin, with the American journalist, Tucker Carlson, angered NATO. Filippo wrote on the “X” platform: “The historic interview that Carlson conducted with President Putin, angered the entire NATO system because it provided information to people that differed from it.” About their propaganda, and they cannot accept it!” According to Filippo, this is happening at a time when the policy of the European Union and the entire military bloc is collapsing. French politician: NATO is in a state of hysterics after Putin’s interview