It won't be fake news, but we had to deal here with the journalistic boom of the moment. Not only because

it is a fact with indisputable global geopolitical connotations, but because, no matter how many walls they put up for him, Vladimir Putin managed to tell his truths to the public that has kept him forbidden and predisposed since February 24, 2022.

To achieve this, the President of Russia chose Tucker Carlson as an interviewer, a journalist with a long, intense and very controversial career at CNN, FOX News and other highly visible television stations and media. Very conservative in his political projection, although also zigzagging in his positions regarding controversial issues such as war, abortion or homosexual marriage, after leaving FOX News, he allied himself with Elon Musk and his interviews with Donald Trump and Javier Milei broke records of impact on that Twitter substitute platform in 2023.

As can be seen, he is a true influencer, capable of reaching wide audiences and breaking the strict censorship that the West has imposed on the Russian leader in the last three years.

In this podcast we share a video on YouTube titled "The Tucker Carlson interview that the West wants to block." But why do the champions of freedom of expression and the press want to block an interview with Putin? According to Reinier Duardo, for the same reason that Edward Snowden has had to take refuge in Moscow and Julián Assange remains imprisoned, after a dark process that, however, has not been able to erase the scandalous human rights violations committed by the North American army that Wikileaks made public. at the height of the so-called "war on terrorism."

There is only one reason:

the truth is the most powerful weapon that exists to confront an empire that violates the same laws it imposes on others.

And Putin declassified a lot of truths, although those who did not want to hear it say the opposite.

Here we know very well what it means to be blocked and also lie about what you do, while what you respond is hidden, unknown, ignored.

Aside from some really controversial statements about the processes that led to World War II and Poland's role in them, to cite just one example,

Carlson's interview with Putin is a demonstration of political muscle,

as Walter Martínez used to say. .

And it has frankly very good moments, such as Carlson's question about the blowing up of the Nord Stream that carried Russian gas to Germany. A snippet of that exchange is also included in this podcast.

As Bárbara Betancourt said in the subsequent analysis, on both sides, very effective communication strategies have been used. That would explain why, just four days after the interview was published, it already has more than 200 million views on X and tens of millions more on other platforms.

Meanwhile, the loudest response heard from the North American and European political establishment was an exalted phrase from Hillary Clinton saying that Tucker played a useful fool in the service of Putin. She evidently surprised them and upset the Russian leader's narrative.

But, considering that today the war in Ukraine is not Russia-Ukraine but Russia-NATO, that is, Russia-West, one would expect that on the side of its adversaries, called the United States, which is in charge in NATO, there would be something more than the many offenses and threats to the interviewer and the interviewee! that still flood the networks.

There are no shortage of those who venture to say that Trump helped Carlson get the interview. Some media and political figures, both from the United States and Europe, threatened him even before doing the interview. Needless to say, after the material went viral on the networks.

Tucker Carlson himself affirms in a short video on YouTube that US intelligence did everything to thwart his interview with Putin.

He is that ultra-famous journalist in the United States, who stated in subsequent statements that it may take him a year to fully interpret what Putin told him, which also shows an astonishing lack of knowledge of the reality outside his country's border. From what we see at the beginning, when Tucker insists, desperate for Putin to explain why he waited so many years to go after Ukraine, Putin responds with a question: is this a talk show or is it a serious interview? It was very difficult for him to accept that without history the facts cannot be understood.

As many analysts say:

Putin left the ball in the opponent's court. He directly accused those directly responsible for the current world disorder and invited them to negotiate without intermediaries.

And whenever he could, he used classic Russian sarcasm to publicly strip the empire and show it for what it is, that "hand that rocks the cradle", although he always managed to blame others. We will continue Chapping.

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