The enemy can use the sprawling

underground of Kyiv

 in a probable attempt to capture the city, as well as the Ukrainian army in its defense.

This opinion was expressed by 

the well-known millionaire blogger Super Sus

in the joint project of Ukrinform and CPD "About War".

The blogger emphasized that attention should be paid to the metropolitan subway, as the capital's largest underground communication, in order to protect it from unauthorized access.

"The main underground artery of Kyiv is the metro. And just as there are trains running on three lines of the metro, you can also move through the tunnels on foot to different parts of the city. I don't know if the military takes this into account,"

the digger said.

Also, in his opinion, there are enemy agents in the city who can resort to sabotage, although destroying the subway tunnels will be difficult due to their safety margin. 

"It is not so easy to fill up a subway tunnel - there is a large margin of safety during construction. But everyone must unite and coordinate in order to search for enemies together. During all the years of Soviet power, they planted their agents here very strongly, and during the war they were calm here

are moving ,

" Super Sus warned.

We will remind you that shelters were remodeled

in Ukraine this year

 - some of them cost millions of hryvnias. In total, the repair of shelters in Ukraine cost 10 billion hryvnias. This is money from the state, foundations, patrons and other countries.