After the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin explained the war in Ukraine with the historical claims of Moscow in the interview with the American journalist Tucker Carlson, the former head of state of Mongolia Tsakhiagiin Egbeldorzh ironically shared his view of world history, notes the German newspaper BILD.

Elbegdorj published a map of the world showing the outline of the Mongol Empire - at the end of the 13th century it included most of the territory of modern Russia.

Scholz: Putin's articulated imperial ambitions are the main threat to the European peace order

"After the conversation with Putin. I found a historical map of Mongolia. Don't worry - we are a peaceful and free nation," wrote the former president of Mongolia.

Mongolia grew into a large empire under Genghis Khan. During the years of his reign, the Mongol Empire was the largest in human history. Only the British Empire from the beginning of the 20th century is bigger.

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