Russian troops are striving to achieve an operational encirclement of Avdiivka in Donetsk region. Currently, the front line there is moving in both directions.

Dmytro Lykhoviy, the spokesman of the Defense Forces of the Tavria Region, announced this on the air of the telethon on February 12.

Lykhovi reported on the situation in the Avdiiv direction of the front.


The situation is dynamic.

We see the intentions of the enemy, we see where he wants to advance in order to cut the logistical artery of supply in Avdiivka and provide an operational encirclement," said the spokesman of the Defense Forces.


The line of combat is not moving in one direction, as it might seem to some

," he emphasized.

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Lykhoviy also pointed out that if earlier the Russian troops used the tactics of small infantry groups, then recently they are using more armored vehicles, in particular, tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.

It will be recalled that Forbes reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine sent reinforcements to Avdiivka. It is possible that we are talking about one of the best Ukrainian brigades - the third assault brigade.

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