Indicators of the state of the body are the texture and color of the tongue. In a young and healthy person, the tongue has a pink color and a slightly rough surface. Interestingly, it darkens with age.

Tongue color and disease

Here are the symptoms that should alert you:

It is also worth paying attention to plaque on the tongue:

Most often, during the examination of the tongue, it is possible to notice a white plaque that can cover its entire surface or appear as islands. In most healthy people, it occurs periodically and is not a cause for concern. Especially if there is not much of it. But layering of white plaque with gradual darkening or thickening is a symptom of a serious infection. It cannot be ignored.

In the cold season, a yellow coating may appear on the tongue. Depending on the saturation of the color, it indicates serious disorders of the liver or gastrointestinal tract. In the summer, especially in the heat, this shade is the norm.

Map of the language and its meaning

Tongue color and disease / Photo: Pexels

Chinese medicine also associates certain areas of the tongue with specific diseases. So, how to understand that the tongue is healthy and you do not have problems? Look at your tongue in the mirror, if there are no such symptoms on it, then everything is fine with your health:

It is also worth noting that persistent redness of the tip of the tongue, which does not go away with time, indicates problems with the heart. And the constant appearance of teeth marks on the side areas means that you are not absorbing nutrients well. Red spots behind the tip indicate asthma or pneumonia, but the appearance of foam on the front part - perhaps there is congestion in the lungs or chest area, respiratory allergies, chronic bronchitis.

Please note that before examining the tongue, it must be cleaned with a toothbrush with soft bristles or a special massager.