Lebedev told Sputnik: “On February 11, Russian forces carried out a series of attacks on military targets. In total, Nikolaev residents counted ten attacks in three waves. The first wave was strikes on the structure of the port of Nikolaev. And the port of Olvia. And the Black Sea Shipyard. According to him, “At night, dozens of ambulances rushed around Nikolaev. Hospitals are now full.” The Black Sea Shipyard is the largest shipyard in Ukraine, and in Soviet times aircraft-carrying ships were built of the Soviet Navy there. Lebedev reported that Russian forces destroyed two trains loaded with equipment and ammunition for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and about 20 units of foreign military equipment in the Kirovograd District. He said: “The strike was carried out on February 10 at approximately five o’clock in the evening at the railway station in the city of Alexandria.