Farmers Protest in Delhi:

Farmers have announced to march to Delhi from February 13 for their demands that have been pending for years. At the same time, the central and state governments have started suppressing this movement (Kisan Andolan). To prevent the farmers from demonstrating their strength once again in Delhi, all efforts have been intensified to stop the farmers in the neighboring states including the capital Delhi.

Police came in alert mode

Before the movement, Madhya Pradesh Police has also come in alert mode. Here the police is busy detaining the officials associated with the farmers union who are trying to march to Delhi. In this series, on Sunday, from Pipariya in Narmadapuram district, the police have detained District President of National Farmers-Labourers Union Shivraj Rajoria, Block President Mahesh Upadhyay along with another person associated with the farmers union, Sachin Sharma. Action has been taken against all of them under Section 151 and they have been sent to jail.

That's why the arrest took place

According to our sources related to the police, action has been taken against these three people on the basis of inputs received from Delhi and Bhopal PHQ. Sources say that on the basis of the inputs received, the police fear that he may carry out agitation in Delhi along with other associates. In this regard, action has been taken against them.

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Government wants to stop farmers at any cost

Bharatiya Rashtriya Kisan Mazdoor Sangh's District President Shivraj Rajoria, Block President Mahesh Upadhyay along with Sachin Sharma have also been participants in the movements in Delhi in the past. In this regard, the police has taken action under Section 151 against them. Pipariya police have produced all three in the SDM court and sent them to jail. However, Madhya Pradesh Police and the state government are in a mood to not allow the farmers to reach Delhi under any circumstances.

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