In Germany, unknown persons killed a 17-year-old Ukrainian

basketball player

because of his nationality.


was reported

by the Kyiv Basketball Federation.

The message indicates that 17-year-old Volodymyr Ermakov was killed in Germany on Saturday evening.  

"Volodya and his friend Artem Kozachenko played for the youth team "ART Giants" (U-19) from Dusseldorf. On the eve of another match, the young basketball players were attacked with knives on the street simply because they were Ukrainians! The whole team spent the night in the hospital nearby with our boys. Unfortunately, the doctors were unable to save Yermakov, and Kozachenko remains in intensive care. The local police are already investigating, there were witnesses at the scene of the crime," the message reads.

Volodymyr Ermakov. / Photo:

In social networks ,

they write

that the attack was carried out by a crowd of people of Arab origin.

"In Germany, Arabs with knives attacked two players of the Ukrainian U-19 basketball team. One of the players died, the other is in intensive care," the message reads.

Screenshot from social networks / Photo:

We will remind you that earlier it was reported that 

a Ukrainian woman killed an acquaintance in Germany because she did not want to leave the house


In addition, we previously informed that 

a Ukrainian was detained in Poland, who is suspected of murdering his wife and two children


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