Chaos occurred in 15 hospitals in Romania after the cyber attack on Monday morning, reports Digi24, quoted by BTA. According to media reports, medical services in the affected medical facilities cannot be registered, and emergency rooms are full of patients. 

Among the 15 hospitals, at least three are from Bucharest. It is about the National Institute of Pneumology "Marius Nasta", the Clinical Institute "Fundeni" and the Emergency Hospital "Baghdasar-Arseni". The system for medical services in these medical facilities is from an IT company whose server was attacked this morning. 

Hacker attack on a hospital in Romania

It remains to be determined how these services will be reported and regulated, because if they cannot be entered into the system, hospitals will not be able to receive money from the National Health Insurance Fund. There is no official announcement or reaction from the authorities on this topic. However, the managers of the medical facilities confirmed that the system was not working. 

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