The medal "For a saved life" was awarded to a utility worker from Odesa. Valery Lukashov, a plumber, was one of the first to run to the site of an enemy missile landing in Moldavanka on December 29. And rushed to help the residents of the dilapidated building. There, the roof was on fire, the shell walls were crumbling, and the exit was blocked by an explosion. People were trapped. 

This is stated in the story of TSN correspondent Olena Chernyaeva. 

On December 29, 2023, immediately after the explosions ,

Valery Lukashov

ran to where the column of smoke was coming from. In a moment, he dived into the thick smoke from the turtle, because he heard screams from there.

Valery Lukashov

"When you hear the screams of women and the cries of children, you don't think about yourself anymore. Time passed by seconds," says the man. 

Olena Hrynchak, a resident of the destroyed house, says that her niece and baby were screaming. 

The blast wave deformed and pushed the metal door into the house,

people were trapped

. Frightened children were simply handed to Valeria through the windows from hand to hand.

Valeriy is a plumber. And in the past, he was a military man. He says he understood that the arch above which the explosion destroyed the apartment

could collapse.

And rescuers warn against such voluntary rescuers. But here they admit - his actions were very timely. 

"It was these precious minutes until the rescuers arrived on the scene. This help

saved the lives of other people

," says Marina Averina, spokeswoman for the Emergency Services in the Odesa region. 

The site of the Russian missile attack on December 29

Mr. Valeriy did not expect that he would soon be called to the capital and presented with a medal.

"The President personally presented it, the Secretary of the NSDC Danilov was present, and then General Zaluzhnyi passed by. I thought it was some kind of thank you, a certificate. It was a shock for me to receive a medal," says Valery Lukashov, a fitter and plumber of the Khmelnytskyi housing complex in the city of Odesa. 

There is no one in the house now. It is emergency and cannot be restored. Apartment owners come here to pick up surviving items at their own peril and risk. More than 2 dozen people were left homeless here. One woman died as a result of a direct hit by a rocket into her apartment. 

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We will remind, on December 29 

in Odesa, a rocket hit a high-rise building

. A fire broke out on several floors. Another rocket flew into a three-story building. Four people died: three in a 17-story building, and the body of one woman was recovered from the rubble of a three-story residential building.