The Senate took the next step toward passing the international aid bill HR 815, which includes Ukraine.  

This was announced by the Ambassador of Ukraine to the USA, Oksana Markarova, on Facebook.

"67 senators, with 60 needed, supported the decision to stop the debate on replacing the original text of the bill HR 815 with the text previously proposed by Senator P.Murray (D) (Senator Patti Murray, President pro tempore of the US Senate - ed.), 27 senators voted against ", Markarova said.

According to Oksana Markarova, the next procedural step is a vote to approve the replacement of the text. 51 votes are needed here.

The vote can take place no earlier than 30 hours after the end of debate, i.e. Monday 12 February 2024.

"Prior to today's vote, the Senate rejected a motion by isolationist Sen. M. Lee (R) (Republican U.S. Sen. Mike Lee — Ed.) to reconsider a decision on HR 815 that could have stalled further consideration. With the required 51, it 40 senators supported the decision," Markarova said.

It will be recalled that the day before  the US


 voted to advance the bill by one step in a series of previous votes. has already reported 

what is known about the vote in the Senate and what is being said about Ukraine.