The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation reported, this Sunday morning, that the arrival of the police forces comes in implementation of political decisions to allow the entry of humanitarian and relief aid into the Gaza Strip through the Kerem Shalom crossing, after it was prevented by Israeli demonstrators during the past few days. An Israeli channel had demanded, last Wednesday, , inspected humanitarian and relief aid trucks after their return from the Gaza Strip, as the Israeli Channel 14 reported that humanitarian and relief aid trucks enter from Egypt to the Gaza Strip and return without Israeli inspection, claiming that detainees and “terrorists” can cross through those trucks into Egypt. “Without supervision,” she said. Israeli military officials said that 60% of the humanitarian aid entering the Gaza Strip goes to the Hamas movement, as the Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom quoted Israeli military officials, who were said to have spoken in closed discussions with other political officials, that about 60% of the aid Anything that enters the Gaza Strip goes to Hamas. The newspaper stated on its website that both Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot, who are members of the Israeli war government on the Gaza Strip, are proposing to suspend humanitarian aid coming to the Strip, until an alternative mechanism is established for this aid to enter Gaza. On Tuesday, Israeli demonstrators succeeded in closing the Kerem Shalom crossing for humanitarian and relief aid trucks to enter the Gaza Strip, despite the Israeli police preventing a bus carrying Israeli demonstrators who were on their way to close the Kerem Shalom crossing. The crossing had already been closed and no aid trucks had entered. Humanitarian aid to Gaza. The head of the “Israel Our Home” party, Avigdor Lieberman, had called for the closure of all border crossings to provide humanitarian and relief aid to the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army command declared the Kerem Shalom border crossing area with the Gaza Strip a closed military zone, and the Israeli army explained That his decision came in an attempt to prevent the organization of daily demonstrations by the families of hostages held in Gaza, which prevent the entry of aid trucks into the Strip. The Israeli army has continued military operations against the Gaza Strip, since the seventh of last October, when the Hamas movement, which controls the Strip, announced the start of an operation “ Al-Aqsa Flood", where thousands of rockets were fired from Gaza at Israel and its forces stormed Israeli settlements adjacent to the Gaza Strip, causing the death of about 1,200 Israelis in addition to the capture of about 250 others. The battles included a truce that lasted for 7 days, which was reached through Egyptian, Qatari, and American mediation, during which a prisoner exchange took place. of women and children and the introduction of agreed-upon amounts of aid into the Gaza Strip, before military operations were renewed on December 1. Israel responded by officially declaring war on the Gaza Strip, which it began with devastating bombing, then ground military operations inside the Strip, which resulted in the death of More than 28 thousand dead and about 67 thousand injured among the residents of the Gaza Strip.