Farmers are protesting again

Kisan Protest 2.0:

Farmers have once again taken to the streets against the central government. On February 13, farmer organizations have called for marching to Delhi to press their demands. It is being told that farmers from Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka are reaching Delhi. At the same time, now to stop the farmers, security is being increased in Delhi and the border is being sealed. At the same time, Ramnaresh Tiwari, National Secretary of BJP's Kisan Morcha, has said that those who protest are not farmers in reality. He also said that farmers do not think and think about the nation.

Protesting farmers work for their personal aspiration

Pointing towards the call of farmers to march to Delhi, Ramnaresh Tiwari in Jaipur said, 'Those who protest are not farmers in reality. They do not think and think about the nation, their personal aspirations are not fulfilled and they work for them.

Tiwari told reporters at the BJP headquarters on Sunday, 'Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government never works to woo. We never make false promises. We did what we said.'' He told that BJP National President Jagat Prakash Nadda will inaugurate Kisan Morcha's campaign 'Gram Parikrama Yatra' tomorrow at 12.30 pm from Shukratal in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh.

Modi government will start Gram Parikrama Yatra

The responsibility of this campaign has been entrusted to BJP Kisan Morcha. In this series, BJP Kisan Morcha will also start 'Gram Parikrama Yatra' in Rajasthan from 12th February. To make this nationwide campaign successful, the Morcha has formed committees at the state and district levels. Tiwari said that Bharatiya Janata Party is taking out 'Gram Parikrama Yatra' across the country to spread information about the development works of Modi government to the people.

Let us tell you, farmers organizations have already fought for MSP. The government has not fulfilled what it promised two years ago. At the same time, now once again farmers' organizations are demanding a law to guarantee MSP. Apart from this, Swaminathan is demanding implementation of the commission's recommendations, giving monthly pension to farmers and agricultural laborers as well as filling the loan waiver form. Apart from this, farmers are agitating for some other demands including withdrawal of cases registered against farmers. 

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