Ukraine is in a severe military crisis, which has probably been around since the great battle for Kyiv in the early days of the full-scale Russian invasion. 

This assessment was given by BILD deputy editor-in-chief Paul Ronzheimer, a front-line correspondent seconded to Ukraine, who visited the front near Bakhmut.

According to him, Ukraine lacks everything: weapons, soldiers, technologies. 

"This is probably the worst military crisis in Ukraine since the Russian offensive on Kyiv in 2022. Uncertainty and frustration are high in these cold winter days. As a reporter in Ukraine, I haven't seen this mood since the full-scale invasion of 2022. The question is, did you understand all this drama in Washington, Berlin and Paris," he writes. 

During the train to the east, in particular to Sloviansk, the German journalist noted that it was "like a trip to another country."


the people of Kyiv can once again enjoy life in restaurants,

at least until the midnight curfew, in the gloomy Donbass, no one knows which city may become the next. A year ago there was a battle for Bakhmut, tens of thousands of people died. Today there are battles for Chasovyi Yar or Avdiivka," said Ronzheimer. 

According to his observations, the advantage at the front is now with the Russians. 

"Although the Russian troops themselves are exhausted, they are advancing meter by meter. The number of victims is huge, sometimes up to a thousand people per day. But Vladimir Putin, as before, does not care about his soldiers. He wants conquest at any cost," - he emphasizes. 

We will remind you that collected all the information about the battle for Avdiivka. Will the Russian Federation succeed in occupying the city and what is the situation there.

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