Russia again struck a massive blow against Ukraine. The enemy carried out a series of attacks on February 7, using attack UAVs, cruise missiles, ballistic and anti-aircraft guided missiles. One of the main goals was Kyiv.

Terror against civilians

The targets of the Russians in the capital were two high-voltage lines and a heating line in the Dnipro district. The electricity supply has already been restored, and they promise to return the heat to consumers by the end of the day.

Mass shelling of Kyiv on February 7, 2024

In the Holosiivskyi district, fragments of a Russian rocket hit the building of a service station, destroying several dozen cars. A high-rise building was also damaged, where a large-scale fire broke out. The flames engulfed the upper floors of the 18-story residential building. As a result of the enemy attack,

four residents

of the building died,

40 people

were injured, including a pregnant woman.

Mass shelling of Kyiv on February 7, 2024

The Russians once again proved that they are

ordinary terrorists

who destroy civilian objects and people in Ukraine. 

"For the attack,

the enemy used almost all the means of air attack at his disposal

- Shaheds, ballistic, cruise, anti-aircraft guided missiles. To strike, the enemy used the launch platforms of the Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3 aircraft to launch high-speed missiles," - the website tells

Ihor Romanenko

, military expert, retired lieutenant general, deputy chief of the General Staff (2006-2010).

They are looking for a hole in the defense

The military expert adds that the enemy launched a combined attack on Ukraine.

Many people were surprised that at first the cruise missiles passed by Kyiv and for some time

maneuvered over the Vinnytsia and Khmelnytskyi regions

, and then headed for Kyiv.

"Kyiv was a target from the very beginning, it's just that the enemy decided

not to attack from the east or from the north

, where our air defense systems could be waiting for them, but to strike precisely from the southwestern direction, looking for at least some gap. Of course, such maneuvers

exhaust the air defense

, knock down vigilance. This once again shows that the occupiers are constantly looking for opportunities to effectively strike Kyiv," says Ihor Romanenko.

We skip ballistics

He adds that the Russians used

64 air attack vehicles

of various types for the attack - a considerable number. By the way, the air defense forces

destroyed 44 targets

"The Shaheds and cruise missiles have been destroyed the most, but

the enemy's ballistics remain a difficult target

for our anti-missile systems. Their number and combat capability must be constantly increased so that the enemy does not manage to exhaust it with any maneuvers and tricks," says Ihor Romanenko .

An eruption after a rocket was hit in the Dnipro district

Kyiv was attacked with new weapons?

This morning, the Russians could attack Kyiv

with a new 3M22 Zircon missile.

It left a deep hole in the Dnipro district. Photos of parts from the rocket with markings are published on the Internet.

The details of the rocket have markings / photos from open sources

"Zirkon" is a promising

anti-ship hypersonic cruise missile

with a hypersonic air-jet propulsion system, which is under development and testing in Russia.

According to the characteristics, it is a hybrid of "Dagger" and "Onyx". It could be launched around Kyiv from a submarine or from a launcher.

"This is quite possible. "Zircon" is a new missile for the Russians, it has a powerful speed.

It was predicted that the Russians could use them.

It is more of a ship missile. I know that

Putin personally sent a warship with these missiles on combat duty

. After that there were tests, it is faster than the Russian Iskander-M missile. That is why it is more difficult to destroy," Ihor Romanenko notes.

What was the goal in Kyiv

The expert says that it is unlikely that this time the target of the enemy in the capital was energy facilities. Since last year, the occupiers have seen that

this tactic is ineffective

- you cannot scare Ukrainians with this.

According to Romanenko,

Putin first of all wants to achieve results at the front

, that is why they are hitting objects directly on the contact line and military objects on the territory of Ukraine with Shaheds.

"In Kyiv, they are interested in "decision-making centers", enterprises of the domestic military industry, as well as airfields where there are planes capable of carrying

Scalpel and Storm Shadow missiles

, which are the most painful for them and effectively destroy them. Therefore, the Russians carefully target their missiles are being adjusted, and the decision to strike

is taken by Putin himself

," Ihor Romanenko notes.

Consequences of a missile attack on the capital on February 7, 2024

Why are they provoking Poland?

During the morning attack,

the Russian cruise missile approached the border with Poland

, but after 20 kilometers, it abruptly changed its direction to the Lviv region. Of course, the Polish military responded to the event by launching an F-16 into the air.

"The Russians are interested in having as many conflicts as possible in the world in order to divert attention from Ukraine. They actively promoted and fueled the military conflict in Israel, aiding terrorists from Palestine. And

Russian missiles have already arrived in Poland, Romania and Moldova

. Among these countries , the Poles are the most prepared militarily, so I think the Russians are provoking them with such actions in order to increase the degree of tension. That is why

the rocket on the border with Poland is a pre-planned provocation

," says Ihor Romanenko.

Will there be new attacks?

A military expert says that it is necessary to prepare for the repetition of new enemy attacks.


there will be new attacks

. The enemy is gathering forces and will continue attacks

as soon as Putin begins to demand it

. The 64 air assault weapons used today are a considerable number, they must be restored - bought or produced. And also develop a strategy for a new attack .

Consequences of a missile attack on the capital on February 7, 2024

Putin will not stop there, Russian propaganda has already hammered into the heads of Russians that

they are at war with almost the whole world, at least with 50 countries that support Ukraine

. Therefore, you should not indulge yourself with illusions that now they have used missiles and everything will be over, no - they will continue to attack. That's why we are," Ihor Romanenko concludes.

Earlier, the site talked about the massive shelling of Kyiv with "Daggers": what Putin wants and whether there will be new missile strikes.

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