Puzzles can be logical, mathematical or visual.

They encourage knowledge, develop attention, creative abilities, logical thinking Regular performance of these mental exercises improves observation and logic. 

This visual puzzle will help test your observational and cognitive abilities.

You need to find 4 numbers that differ from 9696 others in the picture 

You need to hurry, you need to find the numbers in 5 seconds.

Find 4 numbers that differ from 9696 / Photo: Brightside

To find the numbers, divide the image and look at each part.

If 5 seconds is not enough time to find the numbers, watch again.

If you need help, look at the image below -- the 4 numbers are circled. 

Answer to the puzzle Source: Brightside.com

Puzzles are a tool for not only assessing a person's ability to think, see and solve problems, but also the way a person develops on emotional, professional levels.

Numerous scientific studies show the connection of improvement of mental health, development of skills with solving visual and logical puzzles.