Guests are on the doorstep, and you haven't cleaned up? Probably, each of us has been in such a situation. However, there are some tips from experienced housewives and professional cleaners on how to quickly put things in order in an apartment or house. Here's what seven simple steps will lead to impeccable cleanliness in your home in just ten to fifteen minutes.

How to quickly tidy up your home: 7 simple steps

  • Airing. First, you should open the windows and ventilate. Fresh air in your home will create an atmosphere of cleanliness and comfort.
  • Music. Yes, the advice may seem strange, but you should turn on music while cleaning. Scientists have proven that movements become faster and clearer during cleaning, when rhythmic music is playing.
  • Cleaning the room. It is necessary to collect all the things that are not in their places in order to free up the cluttered space. Also, wipe off dust on all visible surfaces where necessary.
  • Hallway. At the entrance, you should maintain neatness and cleanliness. Remove excess clothes in closets, hide shoes on a shelf. Put all hats, scarves and gloves away from your eyes as much as possible.
  • Toilet. Pour disinfectant into the toilet for a few minutes, if there are pets, replace the filler in the tray, refresh the room. You should also check the supply of toilet paper.
  • Bathroom. Be sure to replace towels with clean ones, wipe the mirror and other visible glass surfaces from stains and traces of water. Hide all personal hygiene products, including toothbrushes, squeezed tubes of toothpaste, etc. Put a new bar of hand soap.
  • Kitchen. Here it is worth removing dirty towels, check the cleanliness of all surfaces, including furniture handles, faucet and sink. Wash all dirty dishes and hide leftovers in the refrigerator.
  • Old towels will become new: terry towels will be like fluff, and kitchen towels will be like fresh from the store

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