The current government betrayed and humiliated Bulgaria for Schengen. Our membership by air and sea benefits 3% of the economy, the remaining 97% is along the land border. And given the European Parliament elections, our full adoption becomes an uncertain event. Kornelia Ninova is a Bulgarian politician from the BSP, a member of the Parliamentary Group of the Coalition in an interview for the show "Face to Face" on bTV.

According to Ninova, the Dublin agreement does not work and explained that no country has ever forced another EU member state to take back migrants, as is the case with Bulgaria.

Ninova warns that we will flood with migrants because of Schengen: The government lied to the Bulgarian people

There is a new law on refugees and shelters under which we can integrate refugees into different municipalities, i.e. disperse them around the country. Mayors should provide them with housing, education, medical care, but they do not have money for such policies, the Socialist leader said.

Cornelia Ninona criticized the majority in parliament for filling the regulators with political figures, giving the example of the BNB and the Constitutional Court.

"Regulators should be independent, there should be people who are not politically involved. What they do is distribute their portions of power. They control the state to ensure that even if they fall from power, these bodies will protect them, "Ninova is convinced.

Ninova: 2024 should be the year of disassembling the assembly

Asked whether the Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated BSP) would join the complaints of Vazrazhdane and ITN regarding the constitutional changes, Ninova said that neither party had contacted them to discuss this issue.

According to Ninova, the constitutional changes are also a betrayal, referring to dual citizenship and judicial changes aimed at "the political mastery of the prosecution".

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