90 percent of the world's advanced semiconductors are made in Taiwan.


Taiwan holds presidential and parliamentary elections on Saturday. This election is being discussed all over the world. In the wake of the election, Taiwan's Defense Ministry has feared an attack from China. Taiwan's Defense Ministry also issued an alert on Tuesday regarding this. China claims self-ruled Taiwan as its territory. He is opposing Taiwan's presidential and parliamentary elections. Taiwan is under threat of cyber attack along with China's air strike. Therefore, Taiwan has also made tremendous preparations to avoid this.

Millions of people have gone offline in Taiwan. Banks have been closed. Even the world's most advanced semiconductor industry has come to a standstill. Taiwanese officials and cybersecurity experts say that if China attacks, it will not only be limited to security forces and defense infrastructure, but will effectively isolate Taiwan from the rest of the world.

Taiwan considers itself sovereign, while China considers it part of itself. This quarrel has been going on for 73 years. Taiwan's first contact with China occurred in 1683, when Taiwan was under the Qing Dynasty.

If China attacks Taiwan, then a chip crisis will arise in the mobile and auto industry around the world. In fact, 90 percent of the world's advanced semiconductors are made in Taiwan. Last year, Taiwan exported $ 118 billion in the semiconductor category only. TSMC i.e. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company supplies chips to all the big companies of the world such as Apple, AMD, Nvidia, ARM.

"Taiwan continues to face threats from covert attackers," said Crystal Two, a cybersecurity researcher at Taiwan's Institute of National Defense and Security Research. These attackers gain access to computer networks to enter Taiwan's infrastructure," Crystal Two told AFP news agency that they become more active in times of conflict. They carry out cyber attacks targeting telecommunications, energy and finance structures.

There has been a significant increase in cases of cyber attacks in Taiwan in recent times. China has described Taiwan's presidential and parliamentary elections as a choice between war and peace for Taiwan's 23 million people.

Taiwanese officials have said that government agencies face an estimated 5 million cyber attacks daily. Cybersecurity firm Fortinet reported an 2023 per cent increase in cyber attacks in the first half of 80, with Taiwan occupying the number one position in Asia Pacific in cases of cyberattacks.

"Some tactics used against Taiwanese infrastructure have been identified as technology used by China-sponsored groups," Crystal Two said.

Last year, Microsoft feared a cyber attack threat from a group called Flax Typhoon. Flax Typhoon operates from China and targets Taiwan. The US tech giant said that the intention of the Flax Typhoon is to reach out to different Taiwanese organizations for a long time, so that they can spy on them.

Mark Liu, president of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, has said in an interview to CNN that if China invades
Taiwan, it will destroy the company's plants. He added that there will be no winner in such a war.

Mark Liu said that this cross-strait conflict of China-Taiwan will not only ruin Taiwan's economy but its impact will be seen far beyond the manufacture of semiconductors. This will change the geopolitical scenario.