Safri added, in an exclusive interview with the agency "Sputnik": "We are interested in creating a single currency in the BRICS group and this can be very effective."Safri pointed out that "through the use of national currencies, the path begins to eliminate the use of the dollar in trade exchanges, and we are interested in continuing this process." The most important problem is three issues: the first is energy production, the second is energy transmission, and the third is energy consumption. During the last summit of the group, which was chaired by South Africa, 6 countries were invited to join the group, namely Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iran, Ethiopia and Argentina, and January was set to be the beginning of the actual accession of the new members.BRICS unites Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, but recently 23 countries have already expressed their desire to join this bloc. As a result of the summit held in Johannesburg in August 2023, the number of participants in the Assembly increased from the first of January to ten countries, joined by the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Argentina, Egypt and Ethiopia. Argentina was supposed to be among them, but new President Javier Milai refused to join the group.