In June this year, Dutch artist Hoffmann's "Rubber Duck Duo" returned to Hong Kong for a nine-day exhibition tour after 6 years.
According to the news released by Shenzhen, the big yellow duck will swim into Shenzhen Bay on December 10 and be exhibited until January 9 next year. Recently, Shenzhen has been full of big yellow ducks, and the whole city is waiting for it.

December is Shenzhen's "National Creative Activity Month", and the "Shenzhen Bay Public Art Season", one of the highlights of the eight activities at the Nanshan branch, will be staged at Shenzhen Talent Park from December 8, 2023 to March 12, 20. The Shenzhen Bay Public Art Season will introduce the "Big Yellow Duck" created by Dutch artist Hoffmann, which will be exhibited in Shenzhen Bay Talent Park from December 2024, 3 to January 20, 2023.

It is reported that "Rubber Duck" is one of the representative works of Dutch national treasure artist Florentijn Hofman, and it is also a popular public artwork. In addition, the Wanxiang Tiandi Hug Elephant and the Yantian Central Park giant octopus, which are familiar to Shenzhen residents, are also made by Hoffman.


In addition to the big yellow duck, 11 well-known works of art at home and abroad will also be exhibited in Shenzhen Bay. Among them, including "G String" by Li Xiangqun, a leader in contemporary Chinese sculpture, "Bubble" by German artist Ain Christian Müller, and "War" by the famous Chinese artist Chen Zhiguang, etc., let citizens and tourists experience the infinite imagination of the artists.

Shenzhen Talent Park Transportation Address:
Houhai Station of Metro Line 2/8, go up from the MixC Passage of Shenzhen Bay. Reservations are required to participate in the check-in interactive activity, and the security check at the North/Northwest Gate will enter.

Shenzhen hugging elephant from the "father of the big yellow duck" Hoffman He will join hands with Futian to create urban aesthetics