Children of Gobha village in Singrauli are changing their fate by studying with the help of wood fire in the bitter cold.

Darkness in the Energy Capital of Madhya Pradesh: Elections in Madhya Pradesh (Assembly Elections 2023) are over. During the election campaign, the government made many claims of development in the state, the head of the state Shivraj Singh Chauhan himself claimed to make Madhya Pradesh a developed state from a Bimaru state. But, some areas of the state are still the same as they were at the time of independence. These areas expose the government's claims. After independence, there were many governments in the state, but the fate of these areas remained the same. Neither any government department nor any leader took care of them.

Although Singrauli is also the energy capital of Madhya Pradesh, but the irony is that the area which spreads light in the country and abroad is not able to bring light to its own people. There are 5 power plants around this area, but even after 76 years of independence, many villages of Singrauli district are forced to live without electricity. At the same time, the responsible in this case are only seen giving assurances.

Night is spent with the help of wood fire

Gobha is one such village 24 km from Singrauli district headquarters. The people of Gobha village are still forced to live without electricity. People here spend the night with the help of wood fire. There are many hamlets in this village, where around 1500 people live. Most of them belong to the tribal or Muslim community.

During the conversation, the villagers told that even after 76 years of independence in this area, there is no electricity. Chhotelal, a resident, says, "Politicians come here only once in five years during elections. Apart from him, no official ever visited the village. This village is part of Gobha Gram Panchayat, but no Pradhan has taken interest in carrying out development work here.

The children of Gobha village are forced to study in the light of fire.

No benefit of government schemes

Anita, another resident of the village, said, "We don't cook at night. We make night at night as the day goes on because even lanterns and chimneys do not burn here at night, because nowadays the government kerosene oil is not available from the ration shop. Because of which dinner is made as soon as the day is over. Many generations have died waiting for the light, but there is no electricity yet.

Anita further explains, "We have not got the benefit of the government scheme till date, neither gas nor housing like the Ujjwala scheme. This is the only madia in the name of the house, but even then our ration card has not been made. They went to ask for work under MNREGA but did not get work. We are somehow managing the household expenses by working as labourers. On days when there is no work, children go to bed hungry."

There is also darkness in the firehouse here.

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Children study in the light of fire

When the NDTV team moved forward, a 5-year-old innocent was seen studying with the help of wooden fire lights on the roadside in the dark night and cold cold. He was accompanied by his mother and sister. The innocent child was writing his destiny on the basis of studies with the help of fire. When the ADTV team spoke to his mother, she told that neither they have a house nor electricity in the village. They don't even have kerosene. Food is prepared from this wood fire and children study at night with the help of this fire. They get neither kerosene nor ration. Somehow, they are earning their living in Madaiah by working as a labourer all day long.

While reading the light of fire, the innocent want to change their fate.

What do you say responsible?

When the NDTV team talked to District Panchayat CEO IAS Gajendra Singh Nagesh in this matter, he told that in the areas where there is a problem of electricity, electricity has not reached, electricity facility will be provided soon from the DMF item. He said that our effort is to reach electricity in the unelectrified areas in the month of February.

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