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For the seventh consecutive year, under the patronage of Vice President Iliana IotovaIliana Malinova Iotova is a Bulgarian politician, 5th Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria, the initiative of the British Embassy in Bulgaria "Ambassador for a Day" will be held. This was announced by the press secretariat of the presidential institution.

The competition is on the occasion of International Women's Day and encourages Bulgarian girls to express their views on a wide range of issues of importance to society.

The winners of the competition will have the opportunity to participate in the working life of the British Ambassador to Bulgaria Rob Dixon, to meet with Vice President Iliana IotovaIliana Malinova Iotova is a Bulgarian politician, 5th Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria, high-ranking representatives of the executive power, members of parliament, representatives of civil society and business, as well as the Bulgarian press, the British Embassy in Bulgaria announced.

The goal of "Ambassador for a Day" is to support the empowerment, leadership and participation of women in society. The competition encourages young women from all over Bulgaria to dream boldly, to believe in themselves and to develop their potential. The competition provides the winners with a unique opportunity to understand what it means to be an ambassador, encouraging them to seek leadership roles.

Vice President Yotova awarded scholarships from the donation initiative to Nelly and Robert Gipson

"This flagship program aims to empower young girls in Bulgaria to become the leaders of the future, to help their communities and to participate actively in civil society. The "Ambassador for a Day" program was launched in Bulgaria and is already implemented all over the world. Many of our previous winners have already become an inspiring example. I am excited to have the opportunity to hear the thoughts and views of this year's winners on issues that concern us all," British Ambassador Rob Dixon was quoted as saying by the embassy.

The competition was launched in 2018 by the British Embassy on the occasion of International Women's Day. Over the past seven years, more than 65 notable young ladies have participated in the competition, and the competition, which started in Bulgaria, has been replicated by British embassies around the world, from New Zealand to Germany, from the Czech Republic to India.

This year's theme is "Inspiration". The question on which girls from 8th to 12th grade should record a short video is "If you were an ambassador for a day, how would you inspire girls to pursue their dreams boldly, develop their potential and not give up?" More information and the application form can be found here.

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