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For a period of nearly five months, the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior in Burgas has seized nearly 200 motor vehicles whose drivers have been driving after drinking or narcotic substances, it said. Of these, 1 machines were seized for driving after drinking alcohol with a concentration of more than 2.98 per mil, and 100 were taken away for driving after using drugs.

The Ministry of Interior recalled that the options for the drivers' checks are two - a variant in which the driver is the owner of the driven vehicle, and a second if he is only a user. In the first case, the personal motor vehicle is seized by law enforcement and transported to a guarded parking lot, where it remains until the end of the criminal prosecution against the drunk or drugged driver. In fact, he remains the owner of the car until a verdict is pronounced. In case of conviction, such a seizure of the car in favor of the state is mandatory.

Trucks wait three and a half hours at the Serbian border checkpoint "Gradina" on the border with Bulgaria

In the second case, when the motor vehicle is not owned by the stopped offending driver, it is seized by the police with a protocol as material evidence in connection with the crime committed, and in the course of criminal proceedings a licensed appraiser evaluates the value of the car. In the event of a conviction, the court shall impose on the culprit a fine equivalent to the assessment of the motor vehicle.

Nearly 200 vehicles have been stopped due to the lack of silencers.

A total of 192 motor vehicles, including cars and motorcycles, driven without silencers or with malfunctioning ones, the Ministry of Interior in Burgas said. The violators were identified in the period from September <> to the moment during a raid of the employees of the Traffic Police Sector at the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior - Burgas. Administrative and penal proceedings have been initiated against them, and the envisaged coercive administrative measures will be applied with all their severity, the Interior Ministry said.

The inspections of the employees of the Traffic Police Sector are predominantly in the dark part of the day in places where there is evidence that there are missing or malfunctioning silencers. Drivers are issued and served with acts for establishing the administrative violation, as well as orders for temporary suspension of the driving vehicle. The sanction provided for in the law for this type of violations is a fine of up to BGN 200 and stopping the vehicle or motorcycle from driving until the malfunction is eliminated.

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