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Protests at the moment cannot reverse power. Those of the miners have a different logic, which is not budgetary, and the others are budgetary. It is normal to have such when discussing the money for next year. This is a European practice so that the groups concerned can ask for more money. The problem with the 2024 budget for me is not that a group has been given less money, but that it is wrong in general. This was stated in the show "Your Day" by the spokesman of the last four caretaker governments in Bulgaria Anton Kutev.

In his words, this concerns mostly trade unions, because the ratio between direct and indirect taxes, which is key to how state funds are redistributed, is the exact opposite of what is happening across Europe.

According to Kutev, Bulgaria is one of the few countries with such "inverted logic".

"In one case you have 60 to 40 indirect to direct taxes, and with us it is the opposite. That is, here you do not collect from the rich in order to redistribute and make society more just and solidarity, but on the contrary – you collect from the poor and from then on spend through the budget, which means that the rich – like those who build the highways, get more, "he said.

"Bulgaria is a very strange place because it is the only country where the Magnitsky Act and the Euro-Atlantic orientation can exist in one person and in the same people. I did not imagine that it was possible to suddenly find yourself able to represent both, but here it is that the Bulgarian political scene offers it. Which means that Magnitsky will probably often serve to guide European integration of certain individuals or circles," Anton Kutev said.

National Assembly meets extraordinarily for Budget 2024

According to him, the problem of this parliament is that there is a very low authority, but the more serious problem is that in this National Assembly, out of 240 deputies, there are 200 who have never written laws, and now they will make a Constitution.

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