The Russian occupiers are trying to surround the Ukrainian military near Avdiivka, creating attempts to attack with assaults.

Oleksii Hetman, a veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war, a major in the reserve of the National Guard of Ukraine, spoke about this on the air of the Espresso TV channel.

According to him, the occupiers are trying to conduct military operations from the east through Spartak, attacking "head-on" with two pincers.

"We are talking about Stepove from the north and attempts to reach the coke plant, Pervomaiske, Vodiane and Opytne from the south. It is a few kilometers from Avdiivka, there are fewer industrial zones. On the other side, they try to surround with such pincers from the north, south and east. The occupiers are trying to attack by storms," he said.

The occupiers intensified artillery shelling in an attempt to destroy the supply chains of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"The occupiers have already received shells from North Korea and they are trying to actively use multiple rocket launchers. The Russians are trying to destroy the roads through which we have to supply ammunition and everything necessary for the conduct of hostilities by the Armed Forces of Ukraine," he said.

Avdiivka on the map / Photo: Deepstatemap

Is there any advance for the Russians in Avdiivka?

To date, the advance of the occupiers

Today, the occupiers have no progress. The front line is dynamic, not stationary and changing a little. However, there are now 40 thousand people near Avdiivka. Russian servicemen," said the major of the reserve of the National Guard of Ukraine.

"A group of 40 thousand. The military can be called an army, it is the largest in number. This is at least 10 times the number of our garrison stationed there. But the Armed Forces of Ukraine have taken good positions and are skillfully holding the defense," he added.

Earlier, we reported that the Russian army was preparing a third assault on Avdiivka and would try to occupy it before the New Year. At the same time, officers of the Russian Armed Forces do not really believe in victory.