Oleksiy Arestovych, a scandalous ex-adviser to the Office of the President, expressed his views on whether the West is ready for war, in particular, with Russia.

He stated this in an interview with Rostimees.

"Because they will shoot Tomahawks, collapse Russian industry, and what will they do with 300,<> people even with Mosin rifles [rifles of infantrymen of the Russian army during the First World War - ed.] who will cross the Lithuanian border? You can't stop them with Tomahawks. You will have to stop it manually by throwing grenades, firing machine guns, that is, everything that our soldiers do. And believe me, battles are not for most Western soldiers," Arestovych said.

"That's why I'm watching these New York hipsters and trolling my American friends, and I tell them: you are sure that you can put these hipsters at the machines, make shells, send them into infantry battles, just like ours - in this dirt, in these chips, from five meters to shoot at each other with machine guns for months," the former adviser to the Ukrainian president explained.

According to Arestovych, "that's why Putin knows what the global East is doing too."

"They stopped being afraid of the West after Iraq and Afghanistan, and instead the West began to fear them. Putin is feeling great," he concluded.

Recall that Arestovich on November 1 announced that he intends to run for president of Ukraine. Citizens reacted to such a statement with memes.

He also said that he was abroad and did not plan to return, because he was politically "persecuted".

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