Russian President-dictator Vladimir Putin hopes that if the United States does not resume military aid to Ukraine, Ukrainian state will "fall within a few months." This statement was made by the chairman of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, Mark Warner, after senators did not promote a new "most important" package of military aid to Kyiv.

Business Insider writes about it.

"Vladimir Putin's hopes for victory are associated with the withdrawal of the United States from Ukraine. Why do we have to prove that Putin is right at this point?"

Mark Warner, the head of the US Senate Intelligence Division, said that Vladimir Putin believes that Ukraine will fall within a few months without the resumption of US military aid.

Mark Warner made the announcement on Wednesday after the Senate failed to pass the 60-vote threshold needed to push ahead with a new military aid package for Ukraine.

President Joe Biden's proposed $110 billion package, which allocated $61 billion to Ukraine, as well as funds for Israel and aid to Gaza, has been blocked.

The allocation of aid is blocked mainly by Republicans. Republican senators want the package to include security measures at the U.S. border.

To recap, the congressman told whether the success of Ukrainians on the battlefield affects the vote on aid in the United States.