Bulgarians are the most unhappy nation in the European Union. Austria, Poland and Romania rank in the top 3 happiest nations. This shows a new European Union survey, which is conducted every year by Eurostat. The rating scale goes from 0, which is absolutely dissatisfaction with life in the country, to 10, which shows that things could not be better. It also examines how optimistic people are about the future.

Bulgaria is the only country among the 27 in the European Union whose citizens have scored less than 6 for their overall life satisfaction. Germans, who live in the country with the strongest economy in the Union, are also not satisfied with life in their country. In 2021, they gave a score of 7.1, now rating their life at 6.5.

A survey by the Rheingold Institute shows that 20% of Germany's population feel overwhelmed and anxious, and another 9% are overwhelmed by apathy.

Eurostat: Bulgaria with the lowest share of social protection and health expenditure in the EU in 2022

Germany is also suffering from economic stagnation, along with anxiety about the war in Ukraine, as well as an unprecedented rise in immigration, and is governed by a relatively unpopular government. Austria ranks first in the ranking of the happiest nations. It's not the first time people there have scored 8 on happiness.

Romania and Poland, on the other hand, are among the countries traditionally considered poorer. Therefore, the study points out that money is not the biggest criterion for happiness. There, the factors of happiness in these countries are age, educational attainment and family relationships.

The study also shows that the happiest households are the households where there is a child. The unhappiest are those who live alone. However, this is typical for Europe, while studies from other continents show the opposite trend.

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