The Russian defense said in a statement: "The crews of the helicopters "Ka-52M" carried out an attack using unguided missiles on enemy strongholds and manpower on the Donetsk axis.The ministry added that the helicopters were carrying out a combat mission in support of units of the ground forces, and the strikes carried out resulted in the destruction of a command center and armored vehicles of the Ukrainian army.The helicopter "Ka-52M" was developed based on the results of the use of the original version of the helicopter "Ka-52" in Syria, where the helicopter was equipped with a new vision and navigation system, and a survey array radar Russian forces are continuing a large-scale operation to liberate Avdiyevka, and for 8 years, the Ukrainian armed forces have turned it into a major fortress.The Russian special military operation, which began on February 24, 2022, entered its second winter, and aims to protect the population of Donbass, who have been persecuted and exterminated by the Kiev regime, for years.Russian forces thwarted the Ukrainian "counteroffensive", despite the significant financial and military support provided by NATO and a number of Western and allied countries. During the operation, Russian forces destroyed a lot of equipment that the West bet on, on top of which were German Leopard 2 tanks, many American and British armored vehicles, in addition to many tanks and vehicles provided by NATO countries, which were destined to be destroyed by Russian strikes. Failed, against the backdrop of promises made by Britain and America.