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You must have seen a lot of movies in the cinema hall, but during that time if there is a condition that you are required to buy the goods sold there with the ticket, then it will definitely be strange to know and you will be angry but will not be in a position to do anything. But it is not so, if you think the conditions of any cinema hall are strange, then you can knock on the door of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs by collecting information.

Forced to buy popcorn with ticket

In one such case in Rajasthan, four spectators were forced to buy pop corn tickets worth Rs 200 in a cinema hall. However, due to the wisdom of the audience, the matter came to notice and now the accused Miraj Cinema Bioscape and Miraj Entertainment will not only have to pay the price of the pop corn but also Rs 75,200.

District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission Chairman Dr. Shyam Sunder Lata and Member Balbir Khudkhudia accepted the complaint of the audience and ordered that both the opposition complainants should be given a compensation of Rs 20,5, Rs 200,50 of complaint expenses and Rs <> of pop corn in two months and Rs <>,<> also deposited in the Consumer Welfare Fund for forcibly selling pop corn by profiteering from the audience by the cinema hall and the District Collector should be given appropriate He also ordered to send a copy of the decision to take action.

What was the whole matter

The complainants Anil Bhandari, Urmila Bhandari, Ranju Jain and Shanti Chand Patwa filed a complaint stating that on May 24, 2018, they had booked Rs 140 per ticket from Paytm to watch the movie and on reaching the cinema hall, they were issued tickets of Rs 90 and were told that an additional Rs 50 was being taken for the purchase of popcorn.

Arguing on behalf of the complainant, it was stated that in the cinema hall, he was handed a pop corn of only five ten rupees in a cardboard box. He said that the opposition forced the purchase of pop carn along with the ticket purchase in an illegitimate way. Their act is unfair as well as exposes negligence during service.

Miraj Cinema's argument did not work

On behalf of the opposition, it was said that the booking of watching the cinema has been done from Paytm and the opposition is not responsible for their act and Paytm has not been made a party, so the complaint should be dismissed. While
admitting the complaint, the District Consumer Commission said that the complainant was forced to pay unreasonable price for pop corn along with the cinema ticket not out of his own volition but under compulsion.

He said that Paytm has collected the amount as per the instructions of the cinema management, so the opposition is responsible for this act of its agent. He said that after charging Rs 50, pop corn worth Rs 5 was supplied in cardboard boxes.

He said that an amount of Rs 20 has been recovered from the complainant illegitimately, which is a defect in the opponent's unfair trade practice and service. He ordered the opponent to pay the price of pop corn to the complainant within two months, Rs 5,<> as compensation and Rs <>,<> as complaint cost.

Rs 50000,<> to be deposited in Consumer Welfare Fund

He said that Miraj Cinema and Miraj Entertainment have been forcibly selling pop corns worth Rs 50 for Rs 50 for a long time by taking advantage of the compulsion of the audience by violating the law and rules, so they will have to pay Rs <>,<> to the Consumer Welfare Fund. He also ordered to send a copy of the decision to the district collector for taking appropriate action.

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