Recently, the biggest health concern for Hong Kong people is the mite infestation that has begun to spread in Europe and Asia, especially after the detection of bed bug footprints on the Airport Express and buses. Some experts have pointed out that as long as it is heated with hot air at least 45 degrees Celsius in a confined space for at least 60 minutes, it can effectively kill bugs, and the LG Styler laundry care machine that uses TrueSteam pure water steam™ washing technology to sterilize fully meets this condition, which is your little assistant for insect control!

Bed bugs or killed in Hong Kong?

As a subtropical region, Hong Kong is certainly frowned upon when it sees insects, but the recent outbreaks of mites in places such as France, the United Kingdom and South Korea are cause for concern. In addition to beds, cloth products such as curtains, floor mats and clothing are also places where they lay eggs and haunt the bed. After being bitten by bed bugs, both humans and animals will experience allergic reactions such as itching, redness and swelling, which not only affect their daily lives, but also may be infected by the virus. It is no wonder that after the tracks of bed bugs were found on the Airport Express and buses, they immediately aroused heated discussions on the Internet, and they raised their vigilance.

LG Styler helps you get rid of bugs!

Some experts say that one of the ways to prevent or deal with bed bugs is to introduce hot dry air at 45 to 60 degrees Celsius in a confined space and maintain it for at least 60 minutes, and the LG Styler Laundry Care Machine (hereinafter referred to as the Styler) can help you! Certified by the British Allergy Society (BAF) and tested by Intertek, Styler is internationally recognized for its ability to kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, dust mites and allergens with TrueSteam™ pure water vapor. When using the sterilization program (heavy clothing), the internal temperature of the Styler can reach at least 45 degrees Celsius for more than 60 minutes, which is conducive to the treatment of bed bugs, even if you are rolling outside all day, the Styler can help you prevent the infestation of bugs in the house!

The LG Styler Laundry Care Device is certified by the British Allergy Society (BAF) and Intertek to kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, dust mites and allergens with TrueSteam™ pure water vapor.

Take care of your clothes all year round

The Styler is equipped with a swing hanger that oscillates up to 200 times per minute, which can effectively remove dust, and also allow steam to penetrate into the fibers to sterilize, as well as remove odors and creases from clothes. Since TrueSteam™ pure water vapor is used as a sterilization method, there is no need to add additional chemicals in the process, and the integrity of the clothing material can be maintained. In addition, Styler uses heat pump low-temperature drying technology to gently dry clothes and prevent them from shrinking or being damaged by high temperatures. With the shelves, it can also be used to place different kinds of items, such as stuffed animals, bags, hats, and even pillows and bedding that are easy for mites to hide, providing one-stop care and cleaning of clothes, bedding and items throughout the house, which can not only take care of clothes but also deal with mite infestation.

The LG styler is equipped with a swing hanger that can swing up to 200 times per minute, and a trouser press to iron out the crease of the trousers.

In addition, users can download the additional care mode through the LG ThinQ mobile app, which allows Styler to care for all kinds of clothing, including some items that are difficult to wash frequently, such as suits, down, leather linings, and cold shirts. plush dolls and baby clothes for children's products; There is also a new mode of storing clothes for seasonal shirts, which removes dampness and musty odours from clothes that have been stored in the wardrobe for a long time. Even in winter, there is a "coat heating mode", so you can wear a "warm hat" jacket before going out. Styler's multiple additional care modes allow you to care for a variety of different materials all year round, so you don't have to worry about cleaning your clothes!

The LG styler allows you to download a variety of care modes with the LG ThinQ mobile app. (Only some of the additional care modes are shown in the diagram)

Not only can Styler fresh, deodorize and remove wrinkles in as little as 20 minutes, so you can quickly care for your clothes before you leave the house in the morning, but you can also use the ThinQ App to remotely control and monitor the progress of your treatment, allowing you to take care of other chores or household chores at the same time before you go out.

Take care of your clothes while protecting the environment

In addition, environmental protection is the trend of the times in recent years, and Styler can also contribute to the earth, using TrueSteam™ pure water vapor with swing hangers to achieve light dry cleaning, which can provide daily care for some clothes that are difficult to wash frequently, such as lice, greatly reducing water and carbon footprint, while keeping clothes clean. As for the care of clothes, no chemicals are added, which can not only protect the environment, but also reduce dry cleaning.

In addition to the Styler, LG also has other home appliances that can effectively prevent mite, such as washing at 90°C water temperature or washing machine with "Steam + Steam Wash" function, and vacuum cleaners equipped with a variety of suction tips to suck mites away as soon as possible. If you are interested in learning more, please visit:

(Information and photos provided by the customer)