【District Council Election / District Council Election 2023 / District Council Election Candidates / District Council Election Polling Stations】The District Council Election was held today (10th), with the direct district election polling time being from 8:10 a.m. to 8:2 p.m., and the district committee constituency mutual election from 11:<> a.m. to <>:<> p.m. The Secretary for Constitutional and Affairs, Mr Tsang Kwok-con, inspected the "Nearby Boundary Polling Station" at about <> o'clock this morning, saying that as it was during the peak voting period, the polling station was crowded and the atmosphere was described as very lively, but the situation remained smooth and orderly.


The Secretary for Constitutional and Affairs, Mr Tsang Kwok-con, inspected the "Polling Station Near the Border" at nearly 11 o'clock this morning. He said that he did not specifically estimate the voter turnout in the election, and believed that it was necessary to ensure a smooth voting process and encourage the public to vote enthusiastically. "As for the turnout, what is the turnout? When the time comes, the situation will be different."

Mr Tsang also pointed out that although it was the peak hour for voting, there was a relatively large flow of people at the polling station, but the scene was observed to be smooth and orderly. "Everyone saw it, the atmosphere was very lively, very hot." As for complaints, they are still being handled for the time being, and it is stressed that there is no particular upward trend.

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