After inspecting the polling stations in the morning, EAC Chairman Luk Kai-hong said that it is not appropriate to directly compare the cumulative voter turnout with the previous term in this District Council election.
As at 10:10 a.m., the EAC had received a total of 51 election-related complaints, half of which were about election advertisements.

The Chairman of the Electoral Affairs Commission, Mr Luk Kai-hong, said that as of 270.310am, a total of 6,24,7 electors had cast their ballots in the geographical constituencies, with a cumulative turnout rate of 16.6%, with the three districts with the highest provisional turnout rates being Kwun Tong District (94.6%), Kwai Tsing District (62.<>%) and Wong Tai Sin District (<>.<>%).

In addition, the voter turnout rate for the District Committee constituency was 60.62%, with 1,535 electors having cast their ballots, with the three districts with the highest provisional turnout being 76.4% in Tai Po District, 75.78% in Yuen Long District and 73.44% in Southern District. A total of 12,976 pre-registered electors were registered at the Sheung Shui Border Polling Station, and 3,298 electors cast their ballots at the four Border Polling Stations as at <>.<>pm.

Mr Luk said that since the composition, electorate base and voting system of the current District Council elections were different from those of the 2019 District Council Ordinary Election, it was not appropriate to directly compare the cumulative voter turnout of the two elections.

He said that the EAC would not comment on the voter turnout or make any predictions about the turnout, and said that its business was to monitor whether the election was conducted smoothly, fairly, and honestly.

As regards the number of complaints, as at 10:51 a.m., the EAC, Returning Officers and Polling Station Officers received a total of 26 election-related complaints today, with 5 complaints mainly related to election advertisements, 5 cases of election campaigns conducted in private and government buildings, and 5 cases of nuisance to electors caused by the use of loudspeakers or broadcasting vehicles, telephone canvassing and other activities. He pointed out that there were five other complaints against polling station personnel and other electoral personnel.

When asked how he views the narrowing of the scope of canvassing areas this year, he pointed out that it is necessary to understand that the purpose of the no-canvassing area is to prevent acts of harassing voters from taking place at or near polling stations, and that this year's election activities are canvassing under a more rational situation, so he believes that the narrowing of the scope is a reasonable arrangement, and he also pointed out that he inspected the no-canvassing areas of polling stations and thinks that the operation is quite good.


When asked about the arrest of activist Koo Sze Yiu for a demonstration at the EAC earlier, he said that the Registration and Electoral Office (REO) had received a notice from Koo Sze Yiu on December 12 that he would be present at the site on the second day to petition, and had made relevant arrangements, but the other party did not show up in the end, and he was not aware of the law enforcement situation, so he did not comment on individual cases, but appealed to members of the public not to commit acts that contravened the electoral law.

As for the transportation of elderly persons from elderly centres to vote, he pointed out that if the vehicle was provided purely and no benefit was given to the electorate on the way, he considered the arrangement appropriate.

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