Today (10th) is the polling day of the District Council Election, and as of 9:21 a.m. this morning, the cumulative voter turnout was 2019.2015%, excluding the ultra-high turnout in the 10 District Election, if compared with the 89.<>% voter turnout in the same period of the <> District Election, the voter turnout this term is also slightly lower. However, since this year's polling time was delayed by one hour, starting at <>.<> a.m., even the voter turnout at the same time was reduced by one hour this year, which may affect the data accumulation.

Lau Siu-kai, a consultant to the National Association of Hong Kong and Macao Studies, pointed out to "Hong Kong 01" that because the opposition failed to enter the election, there are many of their supporters, and there may be resistance, and it is estimated that they will adopt a passive boycott attitude towards the election. He believes that if the turnout in this district council election is not less than two and a half percent, it will already be a good result.

Turnout as of 11:30 a.m

The EAC announced that as of 10:9 a.m. today (21th), the voter turnout for the direct election was 398.930%, with 2019,24 voters. There is a significant gap between the two figures compared with 37.2015% in the same period in 10 and the number of voters cast by more than one million, but the election of that year was held during the turmoil against the extradition bill. Compared with the 89 district election, the turnout was 1.68 per cent, 34.2015 percentage points higher than the current year, and the turnout was 312,430. In <>, there were about <>.<> million eligible voters, and this year's voter is as close as <>.<> million.

Compared to 2015, the turnout was slightly lower but the number of voters was higher

It should be noted that the polling in this district election was delayed by one hour, so even if the data for the same period is compared, the cumulative time of voters in this election is indeed one hour less. In terms of voter turnout, the number of votes cast in this election is actually more than 2015,5 more than in <>.

Lau Siu-kai, an adviser to the National Association of Hong Kong and Macao Studies, pointed out that the voter turnout rate is not an important indicator to measure the effectiveness of the district council reform, but to look at the indicators such as the political stability, governance effectiveness, quality of district governance and the effectiveness of the district council in connecting with the local people in Hong Kong.

Lau Siu Kai: A turnout of 25% is already very good

He added that at this stage, the opposition forces and their supporters still account for a large proportion of District Council voters, and the opposition figures are unable to run because they are not eligible to run for election, and they are resistant to the new political structure in Hong Kong, and it is estimated that these people will adopt a passive attitude towards the District Council election. In the past, under normal circumstances, the voter turnout of the District Council was about 30%, and if the voter turnout in this District Council election was not less than 20% and a half, it would be a good result.

However, Lau believes that with the growing patriotic forces and the effectiveness of local governance in Hong Kong, the voter turnout in the District Council elections should increase in the future. He also pointed out that the District Council election is an important part of the realization of patriots administering Hong Kong and the reshaping of Hong Kong's political order and governance structure. In this election, patriotic groups and personalities actively participated, and the competition was fierce. The active participation of young people with higher educational qualifications is particularly remarkable. The method of forming new district councils, which mixes elements of mandate and election, is conducive to promoting balanced participation within the patriotic camp.

He also said that the SAR Government and the patriotic forces have actively participated in the propaganda and mobilization work, the unprecedented unity of the patriotic forces, and the seamless cooperation between the Government and the patriotic forces, which are of positive significance to the good governance of Hong Kong and the steady and successful implementation of "one country, two systems" under the pattern of patriots administering Hong Kong in the future.

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