【District Council Election / District Council Election 2023 / District Council Election Candidates / District Council Election Polling Stations】In the District Council Ordinary Election held on December 12, a number of senior officials and political and economic celebrities went to vote.

On December 12, Li Jiachao and his wife went to the polling station to vote and received a gift card. (Photo by Su Weiran)

District Council Elections. 50,2015 voters in four hours exceeded 11 with a turnout rate of 6.<>%

The District Council Election was held today (10th) with polling from 8:10 a.m. to 8:2 p.m. for the District Council Election and from <>:<> a.m. to <>:<> p.m. for the District Committee Constituency Mutual Election. Since the opening of the polling stations, a number of high-ranking officials and political and economic celebrities have gone to vote.

Among them, Deputy Chief Secretary for Administration, Cheuk Wing-hing, wrote an article on his social media platform page after the vote, saying that he "can't wait to go to the polls early in the morning, and the voting process is smooth and convenient." The post was also accompanied by a photo of Zhuo Yongxing holding a heart card at the ticket station.

Similar photos were posted on the social media platforms of the Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau, with Sun Dong of the Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau and the Permanent Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry, Mr Mak Tak-wai, holding their cards at the check-in booth after voting at their polling stations this morning.

The Social Media Platform page of the Health Bureau also posted this morning, in addition to the photo of the Secretary for Health, Lo Chung-mao, holding a wish card, as well as a group photo of the Secretary for Development, Mr Ning Hon-ho, and the Under Secretary for Health, Dr Lee Ha-yan, outside the polling station after voting. The Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, Mr Christopher Hui, also took a photo at the check-in booth outside the polling station this morning.

As for the Secretary for the Civil Service, Ms Ho Ho Pui-yan, who did not take a photo with a handicard after the vote, she, her Permanent Secretary Leung Cheuk-man, the Director of the Civil Service College, Kwok Yam-shu, the three Deputy Secretaries-General, Cheung Fung-wing-ping, Chan Wai-yan and Lau Sze-man, and the Director of General Grades, Chan Shun-hei, were all photographed with props of the "CSB Support" after the vote.

In the photo shared by the Home and Youth Affairs Bureau on social media, Secretary Mak Mei-kuen, like other colleagues, did not take a photo at the photo booth holding a wish card, but took a photo of her putting her ticket into the ballot box and learning about the situation at the polling station.

In addition to senior officials, a number of political and economic celebrities also went to vote, some chose to take photos at the photo booths, while others chose to hold their cards to take photos at different locations, such as the Legislative Council Councillor for Architecture, Surveying, Town Planning and Landscape Tse Wai-chuen holding a card in front of the sign to the polling station, and the President of the Legislative Council, Leung Kwan-yin, holding a card to take a photo outside the polling station.

Li Minbin, Deputy Director of the Social and Legal Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and Co-Chief Executive Officer of the Bank of East Asia, also took a photo at the check-in booth after the vote, and said that he felt that the voting process was smooth, and that this was the first election after the improvement of the district governance system, which was of great significance, and hoped that all voters in Hong Kong would vote enthusiastically.

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