The District Council Election was held today (10th) and was the first District Council election after the "Improved Electoral System". In the Kowloon City South constituency, four candidates are vying for two seats. Hong Kong New Direction Ma Chi-hang went to Jiawei Estate this morning to canvass for votes, and his wife is artist Tse Tsz-lun, who played the role of "Lam Mei-heung" in the TVB drama "Love‧Home: Happy Express", and was also present to support him today.

Ma Chi-hang said that he felt the enthusiasm of the public in canvassing in the past few days and was confident that he could win the election, and he would continue to work hard to canvass votes at different street stations to win the support of the public today. His wife pointed out that she looked at her husband's election with a normal mentality, and would accompany her to canvass all day today, and revealed that there would be artist friends who would come to canvass later.

Kowloon City South candidate Ma Zhiheng brought the artist's wife Tse Tsz Lun to canvass for votes. (Photo by Lu Yingshan)

The Kowloon City South constituency had four candidates, two of whom were traditional pro-establishment parties. When asked whether he would "lose" as a result of the election, Ma Chi-hang, who had declared an "emergency" a few days before the election, said that he should not think so, but that every citizen would like a change in his or her constituency. He also pointed out that he grew up in Kowloon City, is very familiar with the district, and with his personal expertise, he considers himself a "new voice", which allows voters to have more choices.

He also pointed out that in the past few days, he felt the enthusiasm of the public and was confident that he would win the election. When asked what publicity strategy he would have to "canvass for votes" today, he said that he would go to different street stations in his constituency to canvass for public support today, and mentioned that his PhD classmates in Beijing had come to Hong Kong to canvass for him because of their support for him, which made him very moved.

As of 6:09 a.m., the turnout in Kowloon City South was 6.24 per cent, lower than the <>.<> per cent in Hong Kong.

His wife, Tse Tsz-lun, also attended the canvassing ceremony, and she said that she looked at her husband's election with a normal attitude and would accompany her husband to canvass all day long. She also revealed that many artist friends expressed their support when they heard that their husbands were running, and some people would come to the street station to canvass for votes, but it was not convenient to announce their names for the time being, "I will find out later."

Other candidates for Kowloon City South include Lee Chiu-woo of the Hong Kong Democratic Alliance, Wu Po-keung of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Betterment of the Democratic Alliance and independent candidate Tse Man-ting.

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