CG News Today: The BJP government has not been formed in Chhattisgarh yet, the face of the CM has not been decided yet, but a post on social media by former CM Dr. Raman Singh has stirred up. People believe that Dr. Raman Singh will be the next Chief Minister.

In fact, the former CM has written advising the officers that even after the results of the assembly elections, the officers who are engaged in looting Chhattisgarh by scratching and running their own will, all of them should remember that now is not a period of misrule, but the government of the people.

An amount of Rs. 400 crore released

In fact, former CM Dr. Raman Singh has posted two letters related to the Jal Jeevan Mission on social media and questioned how the amount of 400 crores was released after the code of conduct was implemented? The Public Health Engineering Department (PHE) has released an amount of about Rs 28 crore from the coverage head for 400 districts for the Jal Jeevan Mission. The counting of votes took place on December 3, the code of conduct was effective till December 4. But an amount of Rs 4 crore was released by the PHE department on December 400. How can the PHE department release an amount of ₹ 400 crore during the code of conduct in the state?

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Warning was given before

After the BJP got an absolute majority, Dr. Raman Singh wrote in a post on social media that the officers of Chhattisgarh should not pass the file in the back date. Even after this, as soon as the votes were counted on December 3, the PHE department released an amount of ₹ 4 crore on December 400. After this stern attitude of the former CM, there has been a stir among the officers and personnel of Chhattisgarh.

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