Strange and quite large wooden beams appeared in the center of the capital - in front of the 133rd school "A.S. Pushkin" and in front of the 7th "St. Sedmochislenitsi" on Tsarigradsko shose Str. "Tsar Ivan Shishman".

In an attempt not to stumble and beat people surrounded or crossed the opposite sidewalk.

The arch in front of St. George's. Alexander Nevsky is no longer there.

Here is the answer of the Metropolitan Municipality:

The wooden beams are part of the structures for the benches to be located along the street." Tsar Shishman" under the project "Construction, restoration and renovation of public spaces from the central part of the city - Zone 2".

The contractor of Zone 2 is Parsec Group. The company has located on the site of the street." Shishman", on which should be benches, wooden elements for their installation.

The project envisages placing urban furniture (benches) near both schools – 133. SU "Al. Pushkin" and 7. SU "St. The Sevens."

Sofia Municipality required the builder to move the elements from the pedestrian space.

The Public Construction Control Directorate has started an inspection and in case of violations in the organization of work the contractor will be imposed a fine.

The overall implementation of the project has a significant delay in construction activities compared to the contract deadlines. The maximum fine for delay is 30% of the contract, or about 1.6m euros. Lv.

In October, even before taking office, Mayor Vasil Terziev reported to the European Public Prosecutor's Office about irregularities in most of the repairs in Sofia, described in a report of the Public Financial Inspection Agency (PFIA). The alert includes irregularities, including the assignment of repairs in Zone 2 and Zone 4. Zone 2 also includes the parts of ul. "Tsar Shishman" and ul. "6th September", which are being repaired by Parsec Group, for the amount of BGN 5 348 158. excluding VAT. Last week, the managing authority of the program imposed a penalty of BGN 217,346 under this contract, concluded in 2022.

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