Javier Milei assumes the presidency of Argentina 1:36

(CNN Español) -- After his electoral victory in the November 19 runoff, Javier Milei, leader of La Libertad Avanza, was sworn in as the president of Argentina on Sunday.

Milei's swearing-in was presided over by his predecessor Alberto Fernandez and Vice President Cristina Fernandez before the National Congress in Buenos Aires. Milei was accompanied by his running mate, Vice President Victoria Villaruel.

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After being sworn in, Milei delivered his first speech as president of Argentina. What did he say? Here are some of his most relevant quotes.

10 quotes from Javier Milei in his first speech as president of Argentina

Javier Milei gives his first speech as president of Argentina. (Credit: LUIS ROBAYO/AFP via Getty Images)

1. "Today begins a new era in Argentina. There's no turning back. Today we bury decades of failures, infighting, and senseless bickering."

2. "At some point, politicians decided to abandon the model that had made us rich and embraced the impoverishing ideas of collectivism. They have insisted for more than a hundred years on defending a model that only produces poverty. Gentlemen, that model has failed."


3. "Today we receive the legacy of insisting for more than 100 years with wrong ideas. Let me be very clear with this: no government has received a worse inheritance than the one we are going to receive."

4. "There is no money. We can't go into debt, we can't issue and we can't continue to suffocate the private sector with taxes. There is no alternative to adjustment and there is no alternative to shock. Unfortunately, this will have an impact on economic activity, poverty and wages. The only possible possibility is adjustment; an orderly fit."

5. "The progressive maudlin proposal would lead us to a hyper in the manner of the Venezuela of Maduro and Chavez."

6. "In terms of security, Argentina has become a bloodbath."

7. "Our country demands action and immediate action. It's not going to be easy. 100 years of failures don't unravel in a day. But one day you start and that day is today."

8. "Argentines chose a New Liberal Social Contract. Its fundamental institutions are: private property, markets free from state intervention, free competition, division of labor, and social cooperation."

9. "We don't come to chase anyone. We will welcome with open arms all those political, trade union and business leaders who want to join the new Argentina. But we will not tolerate those who use violence or extortion to hinder change."

10. "The challenge ahead of us is titanic, but I am convinced that we will get through it. Because victory in battle does not depend on the number of soldiers, but on the forces that come from heaven. May God bless the Argentine Republic."

Javier Milei