A longtime youth pastor in New Hampshire has been fired from his church over evidence that he sexually abused children who were entrusted to him, the New York Post reported.

Jarrett Booker, 37, served as a pastor in youth ministry at Nashua Baptist Church for nearly 10 years.

"Unfortunately, on the evening of November 27, Jarrett Booker took his own life, refusing to face the consequences of his actions," the church said in a statement.

Church officials said they learned of the criminal investigation into the alleged sexual assault days ago.

Booker is married and is a father a child. In the church, he worked with teenagers, leading youth services.

An investigation by the church also found that there was sufficient evidence to show that a criminal act had been committed. It's unclear how many children fell victim to Booker.

The initial investigation was launched by the police. Until he committed suicide, Booker had not been charged with a sexual assault crime.

Booker was not charged with a crime related to the charges at the time of his suicide, records show.

The youth pastor himself said in a Facebook post that he was "an infidel and a wicked sinner, changed by the Holy God."

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