Last year, in the wake of the successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region and in Kherson, the West promised to provide Ukraine with all the necessary weapons to end the war. However, by the spring of 2023, this concept had changed radically.

This opinion was expressed by Russian opposition politician, journalist and human rights activist Mark Feigin, Espresso reports.

Feygin noted that they promised to provide weapons "at different levels, in different forms." In particular, both ATACMS and aircraft were promised.

"And they were preparing this spring counteroffensive. Previous plans provided for a start in March, then a little postponed to April, and it really began in June. Of course, against the background of such a position, all the forecasts were grounded, because if they take it and provide those that already exist - I emphasize, there is no need to produce - types of weapons with the required amount of ammunition, then, of course, there will be a result," Feygin said.

What's changed

According to the expert, for the first time in the West, they began to change their position in February-March of this year.

"By May, we took the position that not everything is so simple here, we cannot allow the collapse of Moscow, this will lead to sad consequences. And the events of June 24 with Prigozhin's campaign convinced them that this is impossible, that they must act more carefully, that in the event of his military defeat, completely uncontrollable figures who are even worse than Putin can take Putin's place. I always think: what could be worse than Putin," he explained.

Earlier, the Newsweek article explained whether the United States really wants Ukraine to defeat Russia, and how the war can end.

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